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Crowded, Super Intelligence and our demise

The web is getting more and more crowded and

due to its ‘infinite’ nature, the web infrastructure can cope with this.

Bill Gates noted his concerns on where super intelligence may lead us and the human race. He declared

“I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence. First, the machines will do a lot of jobs for us and not be super intelligent. That should be positive if we manage it well. A few decades after that, though, the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern.”

Our understanding of technological processes is increasing.

Only last week did the  UK Parliament vote in favour of a three person baby fertility technique. Many have expressed significant concern at the start of a designer baby craze whilst others are celebrating the “good news for progressive medicine”.

Stephen Hawkins suggests that due to the slower biological evolution phases in humans, we will not be able to compete with the fast moving capabilities that artificial intelligence can evolve.

We have probably all seen science fiction where good intelligence compliments our living, but also that this intelligence can become distorted and threatens our living. We have seen the super intelligence shaped in the form of humans, but this need not be the future. On one hand we have the ‘collective’ Borg as harnessed in Star Trek or the less scary iRobot.

We are approaching a turning point in our evolution when decisions and care need to be taken as to how we can harness our capabilities and understandings of new processes.





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This months challenge – fix the car – DONE!

I have been having a few issues with a car over the past month. The car is a complex menagerie of electronical circuits and mechanical bits that move or should do. My basic understanding is fuel in gets you propulsion.

I remember a few years ago, somebody pointed me in the direction of the Haines manual – queue a large online book store and the relevant manual landed in my letterbox.

PEOPLE JUMPINGMy neighbours must have been sniggering at the curtains as I spent hours with the bonnet up, staring blankly at the engine trying to understand what bits were what. You can imagine the conversation, fuel comes in there – ah, thats the engine, battery connects to the starter …..

What was happening was that on high revs when driving, the car cut the revs down to what the experts call limp home mode. To me this indicated something in the fuel system. It couldn’t be the fuel lines as I was fine below 3000rpm, but when I needed more fuel, it wasnt getting through.

I was now down to fuel filter or fuel pump.

Having visited a local autofactors, I purchased the right fuel filter (the cheapest option) and fitted it, but the car would not start. I was so out of my comfort zone.

A call to the local garage suggested filling the filter with diesel, this would then pull through the engine. They were spot on and the car started.

The reason for sharing this story is that the feeling of elation and success that doing this gave me. I had fixed my car. It was not about the cash I was going to save by not taking into the dealer, but it was the satisfaction that I had fixed it. It was the increase in knowledge that I had got from putting myself out of my comfort zone with a little help from a friendly garage.

Thinking about business, I wonder how this story can inspire others to give something a go. I wonder what it will take you to build together your advisors, your advocates and attempt something.

The risks to me was that my car was going to have to be towed to a garage, but I was not going to let this happened. I read around the subject, sought advice from experts and did it.

I leave you with one question –

What is there that is facing you right now,

that with a bit of dedicated thinking time, and

a conversation with friendly and trusted advisor,

you could attempt, achieve and overcome

with an outcome of building a better you?





The human mind is best when it is asleep

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the power of the human mind. Many times when I am struggling to come up with an idea, I find that I need time to think about it. However, active thinking very rarely comes up with something, so to the concept of sleeping about it.

The Human Mind needs external reminders when it is asleep.A story I heard the other day was about a man who was trying to think about a company name for his new business. He could not get break through. A good friend suggested that he thought about this just before he went to bed and instructed him to have a pen and paper beside his bed. To pacify his mad friend, then man did this.

He awoke in the middle of the night with 2 words and wrote them down on the pad by the side of his bed. When he woke in the morning, he could not remember what he had written, but when he looked on the pad, the idea resonated so much that the company was called this.

An idea, regardless how small, or insignificant, or mad, is worth giving a go. Just think about how much more at ease this business owner is.

He now knows that his company name really means something and resonates with his desires for the business.

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A new experience

A few years ago I visited the Tate Modern in London. I had an amazing experience but first a bit of a background.

I am full of creative ideas, I love working with concepts, I love music but I don’t ‘do art’. I consider that I think in abstract, but not in a tactile way.

So to the Tate Modern – I had heard that this was a good exhibition, and it had been on my list for a few months. I had also heard that the works of Miro were being displayed. Miro could be best described as the surrealist using a canvas, and later construction to explore his mind and experiences. Rooted in culture, Miro experienced significant challenges in his life including living through 2 world wars and then post war period in Spain.

Love or Fear Change - Do You Embrace Different ThingsMy initial impressions – what was this about – why had I wasted 2 hours looking at this. I then started to look at the intrigue and fascination that other visitors had when they were admiring his work. The calm serenity of thinking as they deciphered what was going on in there.

As I walked around the exhibition, I suddenly realised that in fact it was the initial shock to a new form, a style of painting that I had not experienced that I was in fact reacting to. Once over this shock though, I started to really enjoy the art. I started to see pictures and experience the sheer genius that Miro exhibited. Please don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get it all, but the experience took me to a different place. It allowed me to push further out of my comfort zone into a space where there could be adjacent innovation.

Motto of the story : when was the last time you did something different to push yourself out of your zone?

Target : 1 new experience per week, and explore with an open mind.


For coaches : A new way to log your hours

I have been trying to find a system that I could use to keep track of and log my coaching hours, CPD and supervision.

The Coach Zone Activity LogSimply put, I could not find a system so I built one.

This is now accessible and free for my fellow coaches to use. Simply drop across to The Coach Zone and register for your free account.

Once you have registered, you can access this valuable resource through the top menu bar to add and view your activity.

This will be the first of many such tools on this site so please come and join us there for conversation, banter and ongoing coaching development.



Coaching in the Professions

Many professions have expectations about ensuring regular professional development (CPD) is undertaken to maintain an accredited status.

This CPD generally is focussed around the technical aspects of that role (Eg. to fill knowledge gaps in new legislation and reflect on how this will impact clients, or changes in tax law that impact the way you handle company accounts etc.). This technical aspect can be fulfilled by technical reading, being part of a learning environment, conferences etc.

There are other more personal elements that generally fall outside of the technical CPD. These personal elements carry enough power to derail a leader, partner, or manager and are often overlooked. The impact may also not be enough to derail, but could impact the retention of staff, motivation of environment and how the organisation copes with a changing landscape.

A few of these elements and examples are

  • Confidence – how do you cope when you are continually challenged? How resilient are you really?
  • Effectiveness – what habits have got in the way of doing the stuff that you should really be doing?
  • Change – how do you deal with change, both in terms of personal and organisation level? How do your staff feel when you are in a period of change? What performance impact does this have on their motivation?
  • Work/Life balance – do you have one? If this is an issue, what methods can you adopt to get this back in control? What impact is your attitude to work/life balance having on those close to you?
  • Your values – how do you deal with something that challenges your values? Sure, you can detach yourself but how do you deal with those lingering thoughts?
  • Conversations – do you have difficult conversations? how do you deal with them effectively and professionally? What lingering thoughts distract you before, during and after that affect your professionalism? What about how you deal with difficult and demanding people? Are you difficult and / or demanding?
  • Awareness – what insight do you have into your team when you are working hard? What strategies could you adopt to help become better at this?

Obviously, these are just canned questions designed to provoke response. However, building up a trusting and challenging relationship with a coach that is external to your organisation can assist in pushing through some of these difficult areas.

Do these resonate with you? If so, perhaps an initial conversation could be a starting point so we can see if we can assist you overcome some of these more personal and familiar elements. Your first step is to have an initial conversation with us – book this here.


The Coach Zone and the best use of your time!

Do you find that the time that you have available for doing things is quite limited?

Do you find yourself drifting between tasks?

By: John Loo

This morning, I sat listening to an inspiring talk by Louis Barnett. Louis is an exceptional entrepreneur who started making chocolates at the age of 12, and started to supply mainstream supermarkets at the age of 14. He managed to combine a favourite of mine (chocolate) with an inspiring and amazing tale for a 23 year old. He has experienced rapid growth, near failure, successful exporting to Mexico and UAE, and wears a loud shirt.

The important take out for me was combined with a question “So, what is the best use of my time now?”

I could have stayed and listened to a morning of talks, and perhaps I should if I was conventional and conformist. But – I had an urge to get back to base and do something. I had an urge to get something out of my head and plant it in one of my businesses.

I had been toying with ideas for “The Coach Zone” for a few months and what it would look and feel like.

  • I want to grow a community of great coaches, CoachZone-Logo-Full-v1mentors and supervisors that could work together to help drive the services profession to new levels.
  • I wanted to help provide some basic tools that people might find interesting. From day one, there is an activity log and a to do list that can help you keep track of those really important activities.
  • I wanted to provide a place where people can interact, where they can talk freely and encourage their contacts to do same.

So here we go – The Coach Zone is now Live. Come and join us free and start growing the conversation as coach, coaching supervisor or mentor


So, what is the best use of your time now?

When you move from task to task – what is it that makes you go to that particular next task.

Is it convention?

Is it next on the list?

Or are you going to challenge yourself and do the thing that you really need to do? The thing that could make a different, that could deliver you to the next level in what you dream?

No excuses, go for the passion!

DM us on Twitter to let us know what you are doing – @wheresmylunch or @thecoachzone



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Now Listen Here!

Jazz-SaxWhen was the last time that you really listened to a piece of music that you had not heard before and really appreciated the skills, the happiness and the joie de vivre that the music left you with?

I mean, when was the last time you really listened to some music?

Did you take that invite or did a pressure stop you exploring this new country.When was the last time that the music that you were listening to, invited you to a far away place distant from our modern hustle and bustle?

I love listening to music, and would describe my music taste as totally eclectic.

I love experiencing new sounds and even as I write now, am inspired by a track by Sourkous Stars – a deep African (Congolese) sound that was brought to the US in the early 90s. I feel like I am with them, experiencing the thrill of now and the happiness.  A respite from the busy day, and a natural interruption from life as a UK business owner – nice.

Why not now go to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or another music site and experiment with how something different can take you to a different place where there are new opportunities and new excitement.

Let me know what you find, and enjoy!

DM me on Twitter with your favourites and I will compile a list of different music that inspires – @simonhague and #listmus


An update and a challenge to experience

A few years ago, I wrote a blog about an observation.

“One of my children surprised me the other day. We were having a chat about nothing in particular when they showed me something on the PC. Nothing amazing, but a little snippet that could prove useful at some time. I asked them how they had found out.

“I wanted to ensure that I learn something extra a day and this was todays” came the answer.

What a fantastic way of approaching things, an open, uncluttered mind that is hungry to learn. Hungry to acquire the quintessential luxury of our existence, knowledge. The actual snippet is really quite irrelevant, its the thought that a youngster has such a positive outlook.

Ok, so why cant this energetic curiosity be extended into adult life. Why can’t we be hungry to increase our non-core knowledge by one skill per day. Just think of the fun in investigation, just imagine the outcome of understanding how to program that PVR or how to tell North without a compass. What about a complete left field question, “If all the boats were lifted out of the oceans, how much would the sea level actually fall?

Exploration of the mind exercises the muscle and just like exercise on the rest of the body, exercise is good. It keeps you young, it keeps the wasting limited and lets you enjoy life more to the full.”

Why do I write this update?

Well, its a reminder. A reminder that we all have the opportunity to learn and experience different things at different times of our lives.

Another friend lives life to the full, owns several businesses, and embarked on learning a new skill and putting it into practice each month. He is incredibly richer in life due to this and his stories of what he has learnt are inspiring.

So – as we travel into 2015 – perhaps it is now time to think about this learning. I understand how I do learn, by experiencing and putting into action, so lets do it.

I will be making 2015 a learning experience.

It would be great to have some fellow journeymen to go on this with me and to help challenge each other – so get in touch and lets see what we can do!



My house, the NHS and energy suppliers.

I live in a moderate house – nothing too lavish but something that is comfortable.

Each month I pay to keep my services running. The gas powers our heating and cooking and electricity ensures that our ‘gadgets’ keep working as well as providing light. Water suppliers supply my cleaning and hydration.

Hospitals provide a health service to its patients for a defined budget determined by central government. This budget is continually threatened and essential services are also being threatened.

in my house, if I cut back on energy, then things would stop happening – the house would get cold, the ‘gadgets’ would not work when I wanted them to and I would smell.

Faced with options, I choose to look at different energy providers and save a buck here or there. I get to a stage where actually I do not really save that much in changing and that the ‘cost saving’ is now in clever contractual wording.

I know that continuous improvement and cost reduction programs are in force in the NHS.

Perhaps where we are with the NHS is that we cannot cut anymore.

Perhaps where we are is needing a ‘leader’ to take control and enable the NHS to be great again and celebrate the amazing people that coexist with it.

Perhaps what we need is for a realisation that we need something different to balance the books, something that is sustainable and fair to the wider population.

Where is this going? We need to stop before we fall off the end.

Where is this going? We need to stop before we fall off the end.