Pre conceived ideas

Everyone is a genius - changing mindsetThis is an exercise that can help demonstrate the impact of fixed points in life. I recently tried this with a group of 50 and the impact was fantastic.

The exercise helps people to park internal voices to conversations that they may have. You will need 3 flipchart pages and a marker pen.

Introduce the exercise that we all have our own way to deal with the complexity of life. This is born about from experience gained from things that have happened as well as learnings from reading etc.

But, sometimes we need to park these views and feelings to help get breakthrough.

Now, on flipchart 1, draw 3 dots and ask a member of the group to come and draw something on the page. Be really clear to point out the 3 dots.

On flipchart 2, draw 2 dots and ask a member of the group to come and draw something on the page again being clear to point out the 2 dots.

On the 3rd flipchart, leave blank and ask a person to come up and draw anything they want.

What is expected is that the first two people will draw something involving the dots, as you have highlighted this to them. Although you have planted suggestion, this is no different to life.

The 3rd person is likely to have drawn something else. As there are no dots, it is likely to be original and not involve any points. This is a true blank canvas.

So, now ask the group to turn to the person next to them and ask them
1. what their dots are?
2. what would be the impact for them if the dots werent there?

This is one of the many things that we do.

As a coach (in my view), we help to unclutter the dots and help people see the blank canvas.



Twitter Mashup – This Friday

Putting together the piecesRunning a self organising twitter mashup on Friday 18 July @ 11am UK time for 1 hour.

Keep an eye on what is happening by searching #grtcoach on Twitter at this time.

Simply fire up your Twitter and use hashtag #grtcoach in what you tweet. Share resources, practices, stories, suppliers, experiences and engage with some of the best coaches out there.


If you want a transcript of the Tweets – simply let me know below.



Did you know …. about sleep?

This morning,I attended a brief talk about the benefits of sleep. The talk was enlightening and informative and I learnt many new facts such as

  • if you get too much sleep, you increase the chance of dying earlier
  • if you get too little sleep, you run the risk of cardio vascular issues
  • you should ideally get 6 hours sleep before your lowest body temperature of the night (typically 04:30 although differs from person to person)
  • you tend to cycle competencies during the day with greatest creativity about 10am, and greatest physical strength about 16:00
  • your blood pressure is generally highest about 18:30
  • That REM sleep, (Rapid Eye Movement) is associated with dreaming.
  • If you take a nap during the day, 10 minutes is the ideal length of time as this can reduce cardiovascular issues by 37%

Although I am sure that some of this information could be interpreted as sensationalism, I am sure that you have experienced some of this yourself. Sometimes I take a quick 10 minutes snooze in the afternoon, I awake more refreshed and in touch with what is going on.

How do these stack up for you?



Your Lifeplan

Getting a hold of your life can be challenging for us all.

As a gift for you this week we are letting you have access to our Life Plan Worksheet.

This work sheet is designed to help you to act as a catalyst to action based on your life experiences that you have had and would like to complete. It will help you to visualise and feel some of the great events in your life again, and help you to prioritise those things that you want to achieve in your life.

To download this resource simply click on the link below and enjoy.

Your Lifeplan



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